Lucifer’s Son: Part 2 will be released on February 2nd!

A. Argus Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Lucifer’s Son: Part 2, the highly anticipated second novel by Sergey Mavrodi, one of the most controversial figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Mavrodi’s second novel builds upon the first book, with a series of mini-novellas that delve even deeper into human nature and reveal an evil that is not brought on by Satan, but rather through man’s own intentions. Lucifer’s son, who has once again taken on the form of a human, visits ordinary people and makes offers to give them something- whether that be love, money, fame, youth, or power. In every case, the person takes the offer- and the consequences are devastating. However, the twist is that neither the devil himself nor his son causes the consequences of the person’s decision. Rather, it is their flawed nature that is ultimately their downfall.

In addition to stories that will leave the reader questioning his or her own hopes, fears, and morality long after they have put down the book, Lucifer’s Son gets more political and personal in nature.

Mavrodi blends together a work that combines elements of psychology as well as libertarian political ideology, touching on ideas of political corruption, intrusive government surveillance, and a society with questionable morals, themes that heavily resonate with today’s readers. The result is a brilliant and timely read that holds up a mirror, revealing the darkest parts of our inner souls and society’s collective fears.

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