The Evil Within: A theme in classic literature

In Lucifer's Son, the protagonist, the offspring of the Devil himself, does not necessarily have magical or mystic powers, but rather opens up opportunities for men and women to explore their darkest sides. Sometimes opportunity is all that is needed to bring out inner demons or darkness.

One classic novel that has stuck with me for many years is Joseph Conrad's classic, Heart of Darkness. In this book, the protagonist is a young man who travels along the Congo River in the 19th century as part of an expedition. Along the way, he sees men that would normally be civilized in modern European society turn into something far more dark and savage. It is because they had this rare opportunity to become someone else once societal limitations and constraints were removed, that as they were descending into a literal darkness of the Congo, they were also descending into a figurative darkness of their own hearts. In Lucifer's Son, the men and women in the novellas also descend into a darkness- a darkness that can only be found in the deepest, most depraved depths of the human soul.